"Integrity is the ability to stand by an idea. Even if it means standing alone."

The creative spirits. The determined. The outsiders. The fighters and the true believers.
These are the founders with whom we partner. They’re extremely rare. And we’re ecstatic when we find them.
Our style is not for everyone. We push when we see potential. We help where help is needed. We call it like we see it. We are direct. Some don’t like our approach. Those who know us do.

We help entrepreneurs build legendary companies leveraging the power of Digital Marketing.

We invest solely in entrepreneurs that understand the impact in the global economy Digital Marketing brings and are already leveraging it to grow their e-commerce companies.
Our team mirrors the founders with whom we partner: hungry overachievers with a deep-rooted need to win.

Many come from humble backgrounds. Many formed or built companies of their own before joining Eterna. Each shares the mindset of an entrepreneur, and knows what it means to walk that path - Especially in the Digital Marketing Arena.

We value teamwork over showmanship. Our contribution to a company always comes from several of us working together. We’re skittish about the first person singular, and don’t care to see our names in the press.

Our team is small. We prefer a few people with diverse strengths focused on a small number of companies, and we are always mindful of lessons learned - some painfully - that are eternal truths. Our network is strong. Our advantage comes from years of legendary founders helping each other.

We’re serious about our work, and carefully choose the words to describe it. Terms like “deal” or “exit” are forbidden. And while we’re sometimes called investors, that is not our frame of mind. We consider ourselves partners for the long term.

Singular Focus

We are exclusively focused on E-Commerce Companies, with no other products, and invest one fund at a time. We make only a few investments each year so that we can concentrate our focus on a select group of portfolio companies.

Industry Insights

Our investment philosophy is enhanced further by the depth of our focus on industry verticals. We have distinguished ourselves as a value-added partner with deep sector insights in select verticals which enables us to take a differentiated approach to sourcing, diligence, and value creation initiatives.

Commitment to making companies better

We invest for the long haul to support the strategic and financial objectives of outstanding management teams. We believe our deep sector experience allows us to add value and offer insights that enable our companies to flourish.

Culture of transparency

We believe in sharing good (and bad) news early, aligning ourselves with our investors and companies, and truly partnering and empowering management teams. We also don’t charge transaction or monitoring fees to our portfolio companies (and haven’t since our founding).