"Stopping advertising to save money is like stopping your watch to save time."

In a time where thousands of online shops are published daily, only the once that constantly spend the most money on advertising will become and stay market leaders. We fund the advertising of selected E-Commerce Businesses that have a great product and deserve to become market leaders & well-known brands.

We help businesses become well-known e-commerce brands leveraging the power of Digital Marketing.

We are not only funding the marketing budget of E-Commerce companies to help 10x their current revenue.
We put our whole expertise and strategic referral network into a partnership.

Our dedicated marketing department repeats the same successful digital marketing actions since 2010.
Their expertise and deep understanding of marketing is truly unique.

Our team members got awarded multiple times as one of the best digital marketers worldwide and have access to the latest and most profitable strategies that are working right now.

Partnering up with more than 30 influencer agencies allows us to market our partners products to more than 1 Billion people.

Facebook Advertising

Our Facebook Marketing Experts help our partners to develop highly profitable performance marketing strategies to scale their business exponentially. Working in direct contact with facebook allows us to keep our partners updated with the latest algorithm changes and strategies.

Omnipresent Campaigns

A well-thought marketing and brand building strategy is always omnipresent. Our Branding & Marketing Experts help our partners to develop an omnipresent follow-up strategy to create brand recognition.

Influencer Marketing

It is hard to find influencers with a huge following that are willing to market your product. They only work with already established brands and have a long waiting list of companies. Having 30 partner agencies allows us to "skip the line" and market our partners products to more than 1 Billion people.